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You've reached Frisk. If I'm not answering my phone, please leave a message or find me on the second floor, Room 12.

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ღ First Impressions
⟲ VISUAL: A small child of ambiguous age, gender, and ethnicity. They appear to be somewhere between the ages of nine and twelve. They've got dark skin and dark brown hair that falls just past their chin. Their eyes are small and dark brown with epicanthic folds, though as of November 8th in Wonderland their irises are now a dark maroon color. Their body type is on the slight side, though more due to malnourishment than any genetic predisposition. They're wiry and bony with perpetually scabbed knees and bandaged hands.

⟲ AURAL: They have a soft voice, when they bother to speak at all. In general they stick to small, one-word answers or nonverbal responses. In the cases they speak for extended lengths of time, their sentences are peppered with stammers, hesitations, and filler words.

OLFACTORY: Nothing of note. They may not always smell very clean, as this kid has a tendency to get grimed up pretty easily.

Small and withdrawn by default, often occupying as little space as possible and shrinking into themself easily. In general they'll shy away from others and act like their every word or movement is some sort of imposition on the much more important things everyone else must be doing. Close friends and family get a mildly more relaxed variant of this behavior.
ღ IC Permissions
PHYSICAL AFFECTION: They're mildly touch averse and jumpy, especially with human adults. Approach with caution.

HUGGING: Please give them a hug they desperately need it.

FLIRTING:They'll flirt with you first. Though don't expect them to follow up on it cause they're like 12.


PHYSICAL VIOLENCE: Sure. They're used to it lmao

KILLING: lol they're already used to this too though a heads-up is nice for plotting purposes

PSYCHIC & PSIONIC INFORMATION: They've got a messy mind due to living through tons of different timelines, internalizing literally everything thrown in their direction, and having lots of unpleasant/repressed memories of the surface. A heads-up would probably be good for sorting this out.

MAGICAL INFORMATION: They're just like any other human from their world, though they've lots of determination, more than is typical.

MEDICAL INFORMATION: Small, gaunt, and underweight. Their gender is ambiguous and I'll be keeping it that way. They have lots of scars, scabs, and little cuts, frequently walking around with a couple band-aids slapped over their arms and knees. Most of their more telling scars are on their shoulder blades, thighs, arms, and shoulders; easily concealed with long sleeves and not likely to be revealed to just anyone.

OFFENSIVE SUBJECTS & TRIGGERS: Child abuse, neglect, and abandonment, suicide and self-harm, and discussions of large-scale murder such as genocide. This kid has been through a lot, and these are all subjects likely to crop up in discussions or in their internal monologue.
ღ OOC Permissions
BACKTAGGING: constantly and indefinitely



CANON PUNCTURE: Is already a thing in Undertale so sure


ANYTHING ELSE? Frisk canonically uses they/them pronouns. If you'd like IC conflict over this, go for it, but OOCly please refer to them correctly!

⟲ [note / opt-out]
Frisk's abilities in the world of Undertale include the ability to form a SAVE point and access it to re-do any action they have second thoughts about. It won't save them from Wonderland's five deaths rule, but it will cause them to mess around with their own timeline somewhat. This usually leaves a trace of deja vu on the affected, though reactions will vary wildly from finding Frisk vaguely familiar to having the acute feeling that something involving them has happened before.

I won't have Frisk form a SAVE point without mun permission from the affected characters, and you're free to take whatever liberties necessary based on how much you think your character will remember from previous timelines. In the case that Frisk forms a SAVE, there will be a note in the subject line of the comment where that happens. You can find an example of it over here should you require it!

As with any of the characters I play, if you don't feel comfortable with me or this particular character tagging you for any reason, please let me know! Comments are screened for your convenience.


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Character Name: Frisk
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