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You've reached Frisk. If I'm not answering my phone, please leave a message or find me on the second floor, Room 12.

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Hey, kid.

[He's not good with anything touchy-feely and he doesn't really know what to say either. But something seems like a good idea.]
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Everything's peachy.

[About as sarcastic as one would assume. Though his concern is for them, not himself.]

You have somewhere without mirrors? Because I'm good at smashing them.
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I figured.

[No, it's really not funny.]

Do you want them dead?
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Relax. I won't kill them unless I have to, if it's not what you want.

[They should have authority in this matter, when he actually has time for a briefing.]

Are you alone now?
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Because if you were alone and didn't want to be, you wouldn't have to.
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That's a low bar to set.

[Even if he thinks he's mostly right about it, at least he can recognise that his opinion of anything that would make him a good person is biased.]

It's more me asking if you want to.
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What did happen?

Other than your mirror cruising for a bruising.

[Call it like he sees it.]
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That's a very self-destructive and roundabout plan to make you feel bad. It's almost impressive.

[Also unnecessary, it really doesn't seem to take much to make them feel guilty.]

Good you didn't die this time.

[He almost wrote 'I'm glad'. Almost.]
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I can't speak for anyone else, kid, but you should have expected me to show up.

[He's not saying that they didn't, he's just pointing it out. There was no way he wouldn't have reacted to that.]

How hurt are you now?
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Think I did.

[Not that he'd ever specified killing their mirror in the promises - threats? - he had made to them before, but he's fairly certain it falls within that bracket.]

You have a lot of people caring about you.
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Maybe your mirror knows you. Doesn't seem to know as much about how other people think about you.

Which adds up. Think you forget too.
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You can't keep people from making their own choices. We all chose to take care of you.

Tell me when you're hurt. Tell me when you need someone else to hurt.

Take care, kid.